Advantages of Our Dowel Mills


Our latest improved model dowel mill is built much more rugged and heavy duty than previous models.  Owners will find that it will give years of trouble-free use with minimal down time.  

Improved Design

We have redesigned our entire line of dowel mills making them far more user friendly.  The redesign includes an easy replacement parts system incorporating over-the-counter parts as much as possible.  Custom components are in stock and available from us.

Cost Savings 

Our redesigned dowel mill is capable of producing 2”-10” material and increments in between without purchasing separate, expensive heads.  The operator has the ability to set the diameter of the finished product.

Reputation/Customer Service

Our equipment is known for its reliability, economical operation, and ease of maintenance.  Our repeat customers will verify that we will bend over backwards to see that the customer is satisfied and treated cordially. 


More competitively priced than similar equipment available in the industry. 

Uniform Diameter

Assured of a perfectly round rail with a consistent diameter from end to end.

Trueness of Finished Product

The raw material is held tightly throughout the doweling process so irregularities in the unfinished product are eliminated.

Reduced Maintenance

There are no chains or sprockets.  It is hydraulic-driven with high strength material throughout.  A unique improved seal system with pressure-lubricated head bearings assures minimal maintenance.


Can be manufactured as stationary equipment, mounted on a truck chassis or trailer, or skid mounted.  Portable units can be made ready for transport in approximately 20 minutes.  No highway permits necessary for transport.


Efficient design allows for easy addition of optional components including infeed and outfeed conveyors.  These accessories reduce the amount of manual labor necessary to handle the raw material.

Choice of Power

Customer choice of industrial gasoline or diesel engine, or electric motor.

High Speed

High production increases your profits.  Capable of processing dowels at a speed of 100 lineal feet per minute. 

Labor Friendly

Noise level during operation is minimal and does not require hearing protection.  Machine can be manufactured to customer's height specifications for operator comfort and easy forklift access.

Reconfiguring Ease

Only minimal time and simple tools are necessary to change the rolls or diameter setting at the work site.


Working components are housed inside protective guards.


We will work with you to custom design an equipment package that fits your unique needs.


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