Dowel Mills

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We are pleased to introduce our newly designed line of dowel mills.  Having 55 years of experience in round wood equipment design and production and using this equipment in our own post and pole business has placed us at the forefront of innovative improvements in round wood processing equipment. 

Our new heavy-duty feed system has been re-engineered so it is capable of handling logs up to 15” in diameter with no strain on the equipment.  It will hold up to long-term rugged use.

The frame has been redesigned to allow extra room and easier access to all the working parts.  Operators and maintenance personnel have easy access to larger areas when they change configurations or perform repairs.  This will reduce down time when servicing knives or changing diameters

We have developed a new system that allows one head to process material from 2” to 10.5” in diameter.  Previous systems required multiple costly heads to process that range of material.  We are thrilled with this innovative improvement, which allows the consumer the same functions for less money.

Our lubrication system has been redesigned with a unique concept allowing for a nearly life-time seal in the head and several years of normal use on the bearings.

As always, the consumer has their choice of gasoline, diesel, or electric power.

Infeed and outfeed units are redesigned so that within minutes, they can be completely removed from the machine if it is ever necessary. Our new dowel mills also have modifications so that teeth on the rolls can be resharpened or replaced.  The infeed and outfeed rolls come packed with grease providing nearly zero maintenance.  The equipment no longer uses chains and sprockets on the feed rolls, but is hydraulic powered.
All the bearings on the in and outfeed rolls and the complete hydraulic system are standard, off-the-shelf parts.  The user is no longer held hostage to unique parts that are costly and must be special ordered from a manufacturer.

Infeed and outfeed conveyors are available for all dowel mills and can be built to your specifications.
Either belt or hourglass roll conveyors are available.

We are happy to work with you to customize equipment so it efficiently integrates with any of your existing equipment or plan a new package that meets your unique needs.  Our efficient design allows for easy addition of optional components, which might include our conveyors, diameter sorters, pointers, tenon mills, cut-off saws, and multiple spindle gang drills.

Our dowel mill line will provide the customer with the ultimate in complete round wood processing systems.



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