Pointing Machines

Montana Manufacturing received U.S. and Canadian patents on the first fully automatic post pointer.  Since then we have continued to improve our design and currently offer efficient, affordable options for your pointing and doming needs.

Our pointer/domers are capable of pointing only, doming only, or pointing and doming each piece as it is processed. 

Our semi automatic model completes the pointing and doming operation with the assistance of an operator pushing electric control buttons.

Our fully automatic model completes the pointing and doming operation without the assistance of an operator except for monitoring the running equipment.

Our standard head points material up to 7.5” in diameter.  We have redesigned an option with extra knives making it possible to point material up to 8.5” in diameter.  A new two-knife head can be mounted on the same shaft to point material 9.5” in diameter or our new four-knife option will point material up to 10.5” in diameter.

A moveable rail live deck is an option on our pointer/domer.  This allows a quick push-button change in the length of material being pointed.  It will change the length from 6’ to 12’ in seconds.  Cut-off saws are an option on the infeed live deck. 

Another option is having removable pointer heads interchangeable with tenon heads to turn down the ends of rails.

Our efficient design allows for easy addition of other optional components, which might include our conveyors, diameter sorters, dowel mills, tenon mills, and multiple spindle gang drills.



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